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Quality commitment

What is RTC’s “quality commitment”?

At RTC, we respect and listen to our riders! Our approach to quality hinges on constant improvement and on encouraging everyone to work together.

We ran rider and employee surveys and used the results to set quality criteria and implement measures to better meet the needs of the people we serve. . Each criterion comes with a corresponding commitment by RTC, as well as suggestions on ways riders can do their part to make RTC better.

We also randomly select mystery riders to travel throughout the system. And since early 2014, RTC employees have also joined in—putting themselves in the rider’s shoes. All these different approaches have contributed to a better understanding of your needs and helped us improve the public transit experience in Quebec’s capital.

The data below are from an online survey of 1,082 respondents conducted between July 12 and July 20, 2014.


RTC is in the process of developing new quality criteria. Check back often to learn more!


Our commitments


Our expectations



Road safety

customer satisfaction


  • To drive safely 
  • To drive at appropriate speeds 
  • To comply with the Highway Safety Code
  • To be proactive
  • Wait until the bus pulls away before crossing the street
  • When the bus is pulling up, step back from the road
  • Hold onto something when the bus is in motion 


customer satisfaction


  • To greet riders with courtesy and respect
  • To look at the fare or pass you present upon boarding
  • To answer your questions politely
  • Show the driver your fare or pass
  • Give your seat to anyone who needs it more than you do
  • Give the driver advance notice when you want to get off 

Followup on rider comments

customer satisfaction


  • To speak to riders with courtesy and respect 
  • To use clear, understandable language
  • To maintain confidentiality
  • To follow up on a query within 20 business days when requested
  • Contact us as soon as possible following an incident
  • Give us the information we need, including the incident date, time, and location; the bus route and direction; and the bus number


customer satisfaction


  • To stop buses arriving early (before scheduled arrival times)
  • To constantly strive to further reduce delays
  • To act quickly when service disruptions or delays occur
  • Get to the bus stop early and get in line
  • Have your pass or fare in hand
  • Wait for passengers to get off the bus before boarding

To speed up service on busy routes

  • Move to the back of the bus
  • Exit through the rear door

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